Fund security No worries for your investment security
Dual regulation by both the SIC and NZ FSP
Dual regulation by both the ASIC and NZ FSP

CF Group Global Pty Limited

Subject to the regulation by ASIC (License No: 001273790)

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission is an independent Australian government body that acts as Australia's corporate regulator. ASIC's role is to enforce and regulate company and financial services laws to protect Australian consumers, investors and creditors.

How to check ASIC authorization?
Visit Official website of ASIC and follow steps as below.
1. Click ' Professional Registers” on right hand d side.Jump to Navigation Page
2.Enter CF Group Global 's ASIC license no.”001273790”. Select “Austalian Financial Service Authorized Representative”,Click “serach”


Subject to the regulation of the FSP, FSP License No.: 507506

The FSP refers to Financial Service Providers. According to the stipulation of the NZ government, any financial service provider in New Zealand must be reviewed and registered on the Financial Service Providers Register in order to legally conduct a financial service business. Besides, all applicants must be members of the Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR) before providing services for retail customers.

The FSA is able to exercise effective regulation over foreign exchange dealers, funds, banks, insurers, securities business, precious metals trading and investment consulting firms.

How to check the FSP authorization?
Investors may visit official website of the FSP, and do as follows:
1.Enter CF GROUP’s FSP Registration No. “507506” into the query box on the upper right of the page, then click “SEARCH”
2. “CF GROUP LIMITED” and Registration No. are shown
3. Click “CF GROUP LIMITED”, check the FSP authorization details including authorization time and status, contact information, etc.
Independent depository of funds
Internationally recognized banks, lawful management

As a distinguished CF client, your funds will be deposited in third-party banks,

we cooperate with. The funds are independently deposited in internationally recognized
banks-ANZ and DBS and subject to regulation and lawful management.

Every order is open, transparent
Safe and searchable to ensure fairness, justness and openness

Every order can be queried anytime on the trading backend; every price is given the only quote sequence number that will be shown in every order;

You can check quotes for each product in the past 7 days

Guarantee of no negative balance
Strict control of your trading risks

The risk management system based on the guarantee of no negative balance is designed to ensure there is no negative balance in your account and trading risks are put under strict control

Encrypted information security
Personal information security

128-bit SSL encryption and MD5 password are adopted to automatically encrypt clients’ personal information on personal account management, deposit and withdrawal

Strong technical team

CF GROUP’s professional technical team uses the most advanced technology for security, internal construction, trading order and privacy management to ensure your trading is secure and sound